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dempsey_stills's Journal

A Stillness Community for Patrick Dempsey.
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A Stillness Community for Patrick Dempsey.

Welcome to dempsey_stills! This community is a weekly stills challenge for Patrick Dempsey. Each week, prompt ideas/icons/graphics will be given, and members will be allowed to make icons (amount depends upon the challenge) based off of those prompts. Winners will be voted on by the members (it's as simple as whoever has the most votes wins), and there will also be a Mod's Choice award each week. The winners will receive banners for their awards.

The rules to the community follow as most stillness communities do.

[1] You must be a member of the community to participate in submissions and voting.
[2] Animated icons are not allowed. Still icons only, please.
[3] Icon submissions must fit the LiveJournal standard of 100x100.
[4] All icons that you enter into the contest must be anonomys until that contest's voting has ended. This means no posting of your submissions elsewhere before the voting has finished.
[5] Have fun! =)
Any further rules will be put in that week's contest information since the challenge will differ each week.

Community Mod: workaholic1231
Banners/Header: workaholic1231
Layout/Profile Layout: minty_peach

If you would like to become an affiliate, comment to this post.